Making space at a long rear garden in Leeds

Date: Tue 16th December 2014

This is one of the gardens which we completed earlier last year 2014. The garden is in north Leeds, West Yorkshire and was dominated by an old garage which was no longer is use. The garage had to go.

The completed garden a few months after planting   Brick garden steps at a garden in Leeds

The completed garden with a good sized outdoor dining area.


Traditional red brick garden steps lead up to the lawn area and a small garden pond.

The garden before the garden design and landscaping   The garden after the design and landscaping in north leeds

The garden before the re-design and landscaping was dominated by the garage and various level changes.


The completed garden with the garage removed.

A recent extension to the rear of the house ceated the opportunity for an outdoor dining area as 'french doors' led from the kitchen to the garden. Level changes close to the house meant that the area was quite enclosed, the creation of the wide terrace steps and low circular wall meant that the level changes were less of an impact and gave the garden a more open feel. 

The traditional red brick of the steps and low garden wall were used to be in keeping with the house. The timber decking immediately outside the french doors and stone paving compliments the red brick and creates interest.

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