Simple Space and Simple Landscaping

Date: Thu 4th September 2014

This small front yard is so simple but looks so good. Only two uprights, a metal frame and an two well established climbing vine plants. Lovely tiles as flooring and warm golden yellow/green paint colours.

Simple pergola landscaping structure with plenty of lush vine, warm golden colours

Saw this really simple pergola with timber main structure and metal plant supports. This simple design provides the support needed for climbing plants and allows them to do all the work. This pergola was providing shade in a car parking area but could be used in part of a landscaping scheme for the garden.

Simple pergola structure can also be used in garden landscaping   Simple pergola great landscape design in Provence can be used for garden landscaping

As the climbing plants grow over the metal supports, the pergola will provide a walkway sheltered from the Provence sun.


Simple pergola design and structure.


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