Courtyard Water Feature

This small terrace garden in Rawden near Leeds was an unkempt, cluttered garden with an awkward slope which made it unusable by the client. The new garden was designed and landscaped to incorporate a very simple water feature within the larger garden terrace. The garden can now be used as an outdoor dining area with clean lines formed with the dark slate edging and warm coloured sandstone paving. Grannite setts also form part of the garden paving design and cobbles were placed in the water feature to add interest. New fences were erected to tidy up the garden boundary and provide privacy and climbers were encouraged to grow up the trellis. The garden planting is lush with contrasting textures and colours.

  Garden landscaping water feature at garden near Leeds Yorkshire garden landscaping rawden leeds slate and stone paving

Simple water feature to add interest to garden terrace

Contrasting surface materials of stone and slate

  garden landscaping with lush planting and outdoor dining in yorkshire garden design for terrace at leeds outdoor dining area

Slate forms a contrast edging to the garden terrace

Room for outdoor dining on the garden terrace

  garden landscaping planting with euphorbia and brunnera and slate edging water feature in landscaped garden near Leeds

Lush planting with euphorbia and geranium

Cobbles placed in the botttom of the pool


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