Dining at Mews Garden in York

Outdoor dining at a mews Garden in the Cathedral City of York.

Large outdoor seating Slat fencing  

Large seating area to accommodate a large dining table

Slat fencing and rendered walls give a modern garden feel

Outdoor cupboard Timber Decking  

An outdoor cupboard makes outdoor dining easier

Timber decking, brick and slate as surface materials


This medium sized mews garden in York, North Yorkshire was an uninviting and empty space which was not used by the client. The garden was to be designed and landscaped to provide an area for outdoor entertaining where the outdoor space flowed from the inside of the home.

A permenant large seating area was created to accomodate a large dinner party with enough room for a dining table and additional garden seating. A slate table storage area was also landscaped to provide an outdoor kitchen work surface and all the equipment needed for the BBQ. Planting was minimal with a medium sized ornamental tree as a planting focal point. Materials were chosen to compliment the existing old boundary walls and give a crisp modern feel to the garden. A mixture of slate, red brick and timber decking is used on the floor of the garden with white painted rendered walls and timber slat fencing used to enclose the area.

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