Relaxing Town Garden in Knaresborough

A relaxing town garden in Knaresborough with lush planting, still water pool and screening from the neighbours. This creates a secluded outdoor room leading from the house extension into the garden.

  garden landscaping Knaresborough town garden decking water feature outdoor dining garden landscaping in Knaresborough

Bright garden furniture looks great with lush planting

Outdoor dining under shelter of pergola with vine

  Knaresborough town garden landscaping screen planting and pergola Knaresborough town garden landscaping screen planting and water feature

Lush evergreen screening planting

Simple and modern paving design

This town garden in Knaresborough was an underused back garden with turf lawn and some large shrubs. The client wanted to change the garden into an area to which could be used for outside dining, easily maintained and a space which could be used to relax in. 

The very simple pergola adjacent to the house has a vine grown up and over to provide shade for outdoor eating. The garden pool has a simple water spill to create gently noise of moving water. Lush planting provides a feeling of privacy and seclusion in the garden. Lush evergreen climbers and evergreen shrubs screen the garden from neighborouging gardens. 

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