Water Feature Design

Water Feature Design

Water features are designed in collaboration with the water engineer, plumber and expert electrician. Designs are presented to the client and specific site conditions, such as high levels of evaporation on an exposed landscape, can easily be taken into consideration before further alterations are made. 

  Water feature by Paperbark Garden Design in a garden near Leeds, Yorkshire   Garden Landscaping of a Water Feature near Harrogate, Yorkshire

Water feature in a small terrace garden


Larger water feature in a terrace

The timing of water features is an important part of their design. A trickling mechanism or 'sheet of water' flowing during the day and/or evening can then be suitably silent after nightfall.   Garden landscaping water feature near Wetherby, North Yorkshire steel blade   Garden landscaping water feature in ice near Wetherby, North Yorkshire side view

Sheet of water over a steel blade


A frozen waterfall of your own

The examples shown here are formal pools. Wildlife such as knewts and frogs are found in these pools but we prefer to design and build specifically for wildlife where the oportunity arises and the client prefers.   garden landscaping water feature in large Yorkshire garden by Paperbark Garden design   Garden landscaping for Tatton RHS Show by Paperbark Garden design Steel water feature

Stepping stones formal pool in large garden


Steel and cobbles water feature at Tatton show


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