Planting the Landscaped Garden

We are a small planting team experienced in all aspects of plant handling and planting. Our masterplan drawings include all plant names, quantities and positions, being an integral part of any design.

Larger plants can be used for a more immediate impact. We will design to your preferred garden colour schemes. Consideration is given to the character of the garden design, native wildlife, ecological value of the garden and sustainability.

Our hedging plants and native trees are from a local Yorkshire nursery which use locally harvested seed before being grown on. Our shrubs, herbaceous plants, ornamental trees and bulbs are selected from various UK plant nurseries.
Any specimen ornamental trees and shrubs are selected and collected from various local plant nurseries as we always hand select these plants. We can also provide large quantities of plants on a 'supply only' basis for you to plant up according to your design requirements.

As of January 2020 we are registered as a Professional/Registered Operator with APHA (Defra's Animal and Plant Health Agency).

Architectural Planting

Architectural planting is simple and unfussy. It is generally very low maintenance and can be enhanced with bulb planting to add colour and seasonal interest. Large specimen plants can be used to give immediate impact in the new landscaped garden.

  garden landscaping modern design with pergola and concrete paving Paperbark garden design   balcony garden in Leeds by Paperbark garden design

Architectural garden planting with white bulbs


Architectural planting for balcony garden in Leeds

Autumn colour and texture can be incorporated into the planting design with strongly architectural seed heads and grasses. Many different shrubs have subtle flowers to add interest throughout the year including some amazing fragrance. Bulbs flower throughout the year, not just in Spring, and planted in large quantities look great.


Planting in a frosty North Yorkshire garden


Allium bulb planting in a Leeds garden in Spring

Cottage Garden Planting

Cottage garden style planting fills this outside patch which borders the beautful countryside of North Yorkshire. The garden also incorporated a vegetable patch and fruit trees. Cottage style planting consists of blocks of perennials. The client's favourite colours form the main colour scheme for the planting design.

  landscape gardening cottage planting near Selby Yorkshire   garden landscaping planting for cottage garden in Leeds Yorkshire

Cottage garden plant borders of perennials


Traditional cottage garden design outside Leeds

Large Scale Garden Planting

Large blocks of strongly coloured planting create a strong impact on this very large garden. Existing trees and specimen shrubs are retained and incorporated into the planting design where they enhance the overall garden design. On the far right: planting is carried out in a garden near Wetherby, Yorkshire.

  landscape gardening planting for large garden near Wetherby Yorkshire   large garden landscape gardeners planting up beds

Large scale block colour planting


Part of the planting team at work

Pleach Tree Planting

We source, plant and specially train the trees to create a 'pleached' hedge to ultimately form a semi-enclosed dining area, as seen in this example photo of a new garden in Headingley. The timber structure supports the young trees and is removed after a few years. The outdoor dining area with the cool, still pool looks fabulous. The pleach trees are underplanted with iris which bring striking colour in late Spring.

  garden landscaping with pleached trees in Headingley Yorkshire   garden landscaping with pleached trees complete in Headingley Yorkshire

Pleached tree first year of planting


The frame has been removed and trees pruned

Planting Plans & 'Plant Your Own'

We also prepare comprehensive planting plans for large gardens and single borders, whatever the size of your garden. We design and plant, or if you prefer you my wish to plant up yourself.

  garden landscaping planting plan   garden landscaping planting by client in Chapel Allerton Leeds

Garden planting plan 


Planting by client at a garden in Chapel Allerton


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