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Frame Sculpture at Large Garden Wetherby

Frame sculpture at a large garden near Wetherby. 

This large steel sculpture was designed by Chris to act as the focal point in a very large open garden. The garden has fantastic open views across the North Yorkshire countryside and the Frame is designed to emphasise these views, creating a picture of the ever changing view from the main house. The gently raised landform crescent was formed to encompass the frame and semi-mature trees were planted within the garden.

steel frame sculpture in large yorkshire garden with stepping stone paving through lawn countryside view through frame contemporary garden design

Steel frame sculpture within lawn

steel frame sculpture in rural yorkshire garden grasses beneath floating frame long distance view across countryside contemporary garden design

View through frame sculpture

shadow of steel frame sculpture on garden lawn landscape design contemporary garden design

Long shadow

orange rust steel frame sculpture in snow open countryside view in Wetherby yorkshire contemporary garden design

Frame sculpture in the snow

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