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2. Garden Survey

Garden Survey

We will carry out a measured survey of your garden which we use as a base for the design. Our survey will look at levels, views into and out of the garden, existing features and garden microclimates.

garden survey of a steep yorkshire garden bank of exposed soil

Carrying Out A Garden Survey

large garden lawn with level survey taking place and design marked out

The Level Survey

observing trees as part of garden survey Yorkshire

Surveying Existing Mature Trees

mature large tree leaning over a garden path uprooting the ground

Large Trees May Require Approval Before Any Treework Can Take Place.

Trees Surveyed

Trees are often protected under planning law and we survey their location to ensure that they are incorporated into the garden design.

The species and spread of the tree canopy is important in how the tree affects the rest of the garden. Should a tree require removal or pruning we will make any required applications to the Local Authority on your behalf.

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