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4. Detailed Masterplan

A hand drawn Masterplan is prepared which includes the following: planting areas with a list of the plant names and the quantity required for each planting bed. We also include bulb planting on the masterplan.

The location of paths, paving, decking walls and fences is shown and the garden will be be built from this drawing. With this plan we will provide a separate plant maintenance booklet based on the specific plants in your garden design. 

The Detailed Masterplan is forwarded to the Landscape Contractor who will provide you with a firm quotation for the cost of the hard landscaping.

hand drawn garden detail plan of stone paving for patio terrace

Garden Design Paving Detail

hand drawn garden sketch for steel hoop sculpture

Garden Design Sketch

hand drawn planting plan yorkshire garden landscaping design

Detail Masterplan

Garden Water Feature Design

Water feature at garden near Wetherby, Yorkshire.

Water features are designed in collaboration with the water engineer, plumber and electrician. Designs are presented to the client and may be altered and amended to suit site conditions such as high evaporation on an exposed site.

Also the timing of water features is an important part of the design. A trickle or sheet of water in the day and evening and still and silent at night.

steel metal spill in garden formal square pond stone paving and low stone wall yorkshire
yorkshire garden lighting water feature and garden sculpture timber decking circle stone paving

Garden Lighting Design

Night lighting at garden near Wetherby, Yorkshire. 

 Should you require lighting of your garden, we will gladly incorporate the design and build into the scheme using qualified experienced electricians. Special features in the garden can be lit for a dramatic effect, including existing shrubs and trees, water features or garden sculptures.

The lighting design is thoroughly tested once installed and may be adjusted to obtain the optimum results. To ensure the desired effect is perfect for our customers' needs, the garden designer, landscape designer, client and electrician all work together in the garden once night falls!

Garden Sculpture Design

Sculpture design. 

Here steel sculptures were required to contrast with planting. Garden sculptures, statues and other ornaments can be designed and implemented by Paperbark Garden Design.


steel garden sculpture in planting landscaping contemporary modern garden yorkshiredesign
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