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Sloping Courtyard Garden in Denby Dale

Sloping Courtyard Garden at Denby Dale near Wakefield.

The stone used in the garden is a combination of York stone walls and Indian stone copings. Stone steps sweep from the lower terrace up to the circular seating area at the top of the garden.

Stone curved steps up yorkshire garden with stone retaining wall and stone paving patio french doors blue and pink flowers

Curved sandstone steps 

yorkshire garden with dry stone wall, low stone retaining wall and curved low stone steps and timber fence

Garden on completion of planting

curved stone steps with low stone retaining wall up a yorkshire garden stone paving landscaping sloping garden

Garden one year after planting

asplenium fern in front of dry stone wall yorkshire garden planting

Asplenium fern for shade planting

stone circular seating area with sandstone paving circle and dry stone garden wall yorkshire

Stone seating circle

blue purple geranium and pink lythrum tall flower blend good planting match

Geranium and lythrum blend

low stone retaining wall flower bed and stone steps curve up garden timber fence

Stone steps lead up the garden

dry stone wall with ferns and modern timber fence in yorkshire garden

Polystichum fern for shade planting

sloping courtyard with stone paving curved stone steps circular seating area patio doors new planting yorkshire mews

Garden immediately after planting

bee on blue purple geranium flower in yorkshire garden wildlife

A welcome visitor

horizontal timber fence with wooden side gate modern gate ferns and stone wall

Side gate in horizontal timber fence 

low stone retaining wall for planting stone paving patio sloping garden yorkshire

York stone low wall with Indian stone coping

This courtyard garden for a townhouse in Denby Dale was originally an underused area which felt dark and with quite a damp atmosphere. The garden was underused as the patio seating area was located in a shady part of the garden adjacent to the house. 

The overall aim of the garden design was to use the whole length of the garden and provide a seating area within the sunny part of the garden. This was created by landscaping a circular seating area built from materials and in a style to match the existing stone walls adjacent to the garden. The natural stone of Yorkshire is a range of beautiful warm shades as can be seen in the photographs.

This new seating area was linked to the lower patio area by a sweeping set of stone steps. The slope within the garden was broken into just a few levels. The top level where the seating is located, the middle level where the planting encloses the seating and the lower level where the paving leads out from the house. The middle planting level in the garden is retained by a low sweeping stone wall with flat stone copings.

Planting covered a variety of requirements. Shade tolerant planting runs along the side of the house and consists mainly of varieties of ferns. Formal low maintenance shrub planting such as Skimmia, creates an all year round structure to the garden with glossy leaves and neat form. Blousy perennials provide a huge splash of colour and informal nature during the Summer months. Both shrubs and perennials provide flowers for wildlife.

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